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Our Workgroups

CADI workgroups are dedicated and compassionate teams of talented individuals who each bring a unique set of expertise and experience to the coalition. Though everyone serves a different role, each person is committed to preventing and controlling Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke and Diabetes in Indiana.

Systems of Care

Systems of Care seeks to improve quality of care for those impacted by cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke, from their first contact, through their treatment and recovery by informing and educating providers.

• Inform and educate providers about cardiovascular health, stroke, and diabetes issues in Indiana.
• Assure a competent health care workforce.
• Assess the availability of cardiovascular, stroke, and diabetes health care services to the state’s population.
• Inform policy makers of barriers to accessing relevant health services within the state

Community Linkages

Community Linkages seeks to establish statewide and local partnerships and increase awareness of community resources that promote cardiovascular, diabetes, and stroke assessment, treatment, and management.

• Establish partnerships with organizations throughout the state that offer health-related programs and services to employers and community groups.
• Provide support on healthy lifestyle education and promote community programs that assist with cardiovascular and diabetes assessment, prevention and treatment.
• Educate health care providers and the community about the issues of cardiovascular health, stroke, and diabetes in Indiana.

Data, Surveillance + Evaluation

Data, Surveillance & Evaluation seeks to support opportunities for the coalition and its partners by making cardiovascular, stroke, and diabetes data accessible, monitoring progress toward relevant state plan objectives, and identifying populations with disproportionately high adverse health outcomes.

Resource Development

Resource Development seeks to sustain the coalition and its work by thinking strategically about financial, leadership, and technical sustainability both short-term and long-run.

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