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We are a team committed to a purpose!

Our Beginnings

In 1997 the Indiana Diabetes Collaborative was formed and housed at the Indiana State Department of Health, it became the Diabetes Advisory Group in 2000, and in 2004 developed a Diabetes state plan and began working on its objectives. In 2011, discussion began around collecting partners and forming a coalition. CADI was officially convened in January of 2012 as a statewide coalition of stakeholders from government, non-profit, and commercial organizations.

CADI is currently aligned with the IU School of Medicine within the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. The Community Health Partnerships (CHeP) division acts as our fiscal agent and to manage staffing and administration. Previously, CADI was aligned with the Indiana Public Health Association. Since forming as a coalition, we have maintained and formed new organizational partnerships, grown our membership, and strengthened our reach across six out of ten public health districts. We have conducted a strategic planning session to determine our goals and objectives and have established workgroups. We have elected a Steering Committee of strong and diverse leaders who represent major organizational partners. We have maintained our funding through the Indiana State Department of Health and have secured over $10,000 in donations.

Our Mission

The mission of the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Coalition of Indiana (CADI) is to reduce the burden of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke in Indiana.

Who We Are

We are a coalition of partners and volunteers from commercial, non-profit, and government agencies, including the American Heart Association, The American Diabetes Association, the Indiana State Department of Health, the Indiana Public Health Association, and many more.

Why We Exist

We convene as a coalition to learn from each other, shared best practices, and combine our resources. By strategically gathering our collective wisdom, we add synergy to our initiatives. We bring increased awareness and additional resources to the table in order to better serve the populations who benefit from our collaboration.

What We Want To Accomplish

Together, we seek to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke by improving health systems and outcomes in Indiana. We work to educate healthcare providers on evidence-based clinical practices, and connect Hoosiers with programs and community resources. We endeavor to provide quality epidemiological data and to inform coalition members on policies that impact their work.

How We Do This

To achieve our objectives, we convene as workgroups to collaborate on projects:

Systems of Care seeks to improve quality of care for those impacted by cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke, from their first contact, through their treatment and recovery by informing and educating providers.

Community Linkages seeks to establish statewide and local partnerships and increase awareness of community resources that promote cardiovascular, diabetes, and stroke assessment, treatment, and management.

Advocacy & Partnerships seeks to support and enhance the strategic policy priorities of the relevant state plans; mobilize partnerships and build constituencies to create effective solutions; and provide assistance to partners and communities to advocate for strategic policy priorities as identified by CADI.

Data, Surveillance & Evaluation seeks to make cardiovascular, stroke and diabetes data accessible to support our partners; monitors and assesses progress toward relevant state plan objectives; identifies populations with disproportionately high risk factors and adverse health outcomes.

Why We Are Needed

By a number of different measures, Indiana is considered one of the least healthy states in the nation. Indiana ranks poorly among all states in the leading causes of illness and death as well as determinants of health. We rank in the top 10 in the nation for percentage of adults who smoke, who have heart attacks, who are obese, and who have high cholesterol. Indiana ranks only 37th in per capita spending on public health.

Specifically, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of Hoosiers, stroke is the fourth and diabetes is seventh. 

These conditions are among the most prevalent and costly health problems in Indiana and the nation.  They are, however, often preventable and manageable through early detection, improved nutrition, increased physical activity, avoiding tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke, and treatment therapy.

How YOU Can Help

You can support the work of CADI by joining the coalition and contributing to the workgroups as an individual or an organization. You can help by sharing our story with your connections or making a financial contribution.

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