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We’re On A Mission

The mission of the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Coalition of Indiana (CADI) is to reduce the burden of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke in Indiana.

CADI is a coalition of partners and volunteers from commercial, non-profit and government agencies, including the American Heart Association, The American Health Association, and many more.

We convene as a coalition to learn from each other, share best practices, and combine our resources. Together, we seek to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke by improving health systems and outcomes in Indiana.

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Better Together State Plan

Interact with our five-year, statewide plan that will lay a foundation for future collaboration and call for engagement to support the prevent and control of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes in Indiana.

Resource Directory

View our resource directory for even more information on prevention and management of these conditions.

Cheer on the Champions

Share your story! Success stories drive others to strive for and experience success of their own. Let’s spread the success!

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